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Ensign Travel was founded by Dr. Jerry Lyman Redd. The business is the product Dr. Redd’s love of the scriptures, fascination with traveling to sacred stites, a passion for the power of "on site" presentations, and a desire to share these meaningful experiences with others.

Dr. Redd’s interest in LDS scripture tours was first kindled during a 6-month Semester Abroad Program with Brigham Young University to Israel and Egypt. More fuel was added to the fire as a missionary in Peru, followed by the knowledge obtained in earning a Masters Degree in Ancient Near East Studies. Upon completing a PhD in Family Science and Human Development, he had an opportunity to direct tours for Brigham Young University Travel Study Programs, which added a final injection of enthusiasm for, and testimony of, the power of scripture-based group travel to sacred sites.

When scriptures are opened at sacred sites, an added dimension of understanding is conveyed. As you study the Sermon on the Mount while sitting on the actual “Mount of Beatitudes,” the sights, smells, sounds, colors, flowers, and physical context all contribute to scriptural insights that are unavailable, to this extent, in any other circumstance. With the right preparation and given a few quiet moments in the scriptures at a sacred site, the site itself can teach things that are rarely learned otherwise.

There is another layer of benefits that come as a large group of righteous people pause for a moment to discuss ideas and insights: it’s called “spiritual synergy.” As a group assembles for a moment at a sacred site, takes the time to open their scriptures, and then begins to share insights, feelings, and testimonies, something very special happens. Each person learns more from one another, than could ever be learned individually. The learning experience for each individual is rich and rewarding, due to the multiplicity of perspectives from the group.

Ensign Travel exists to provide these opportunities and experiences to those who share the same passions for travel to sacred sites, desire to both benefit and be benefited by those who share the same beliefs, and are dedicated to better understanding the scriptures.